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Hi, I'm Holiday. I'm a producer, DJ, ghost producer, mix and mastering engineer for EDM and Pop music. If you're interested in working on a project together you can hear examples of my personal music project below. Also, you can scroll down to view a list of recent clients and can click here for a List of Services and Rate Sheet.  Hope we can work together soon!


Holiday started writing and playing music at 15 years old when he picked up Guitar and Bass. He was a bassist and songwriter for The Chase who created a big buzz in the LA music scene. When the Chase disbanded,  Holiday filled the void by learning piano and film scoring. Around this same time, Holiday became obsessed with electronic music and decided to learn everything he possibly could about electronic music production and sound design. He has been ambitiously pursuing a career in electronic music ever since.

Holiday's sound is refreshing, yet catchy, blending Trap, Dubstep and Pop Music.  Holiday's background in guitar, bass, rock and pop songwriting, film scoring, music composition, sound design, as well as his love of electronic music, R&B and Hip Hop is reflected in his catchy, fun and imaginative music.

Holiday continues to perfect his craft while working with major artists as a ghost producer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer.